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#WHY TO outsource your Software Development?

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Today, many companies and agencies all over the world are outsourcing or contracting their software development process. In the beginning, the main reason to decide to follow this path was the cost efficiency of this approach. This is most definitely correct, but it is not the only benefit of outscoring. Recent studies have shown several advantages of this business strategy and today, we’ve decided to point out the most significant out of them.

1.Cost Savings

Startups with great ideas and limited finances – something we can see everywhere around us. Not every company’s core business is software development, but every company needs it. Using an experienced IT company can help manage your development fees and give you the appropriate experts. As an employer, you’ll also have to provide your in-house developers with their own dedicated workspace and the necessary equipment. Therefore, if you decide to hire an internal team, you’ll have to think about additional operational costs you’ll bear.

IT outsourcing frees you up from all of the above problems because:

- If you opt for the offshore development, developers’ hourly rates will most likely be much lower than in your country.

- You don’t have to bear any additional costs associated with recruitment and employment.

- You don’t have to rent additional office premises for a development team; neither must you buy computers, desks, chairs, etc. for them.


Today’s executive teams are required to juggle a variety of tasks and responsibilities. With outsourcing your software development you won’t spend extended time recruiting, hiring, or training employees. As a result, your team can focus on the mission-critical tasks that are necessary for running your core business as well as the development process. Therefore, a bigger portion of your funds can be devoted to sales, marketing, and business development.

Since you’ll have the option to work on a project-to-project basis, there’s no pressure to keep your developers on the payroll once the product is complete.

3.Access to Talent and Domain Knowledge

Outsourcing your software developers gives you immediate access to a well-qualified candidate pool. This benefit allows your company to start the application development faster, to minimize mistakes, and to provide a quality, tested software product to your intended users in a shorter period of time.

Expanding into new markets is one of the top go-to growth strategies for today’s competitive businesses. While you may begin with one idea for a useful app, working with innovative software experts is sure to open your eyes to emerging opportunities. Robust software outsourcing companies with multidisciplinary extended development teams offer a variety of competency centers, like JavaScript, React Native, and .NET, so they can easily poise your enterprise for further expansion.

4.No hiring stress

In a competitive digital environment, like the one we live in today, placing your product on the market as early as possible is essential. Having a dedicated team, experienced in agile methodology, and high-quality project management will allow your product to be ready for your customers ahead of your competitors.

Recruiting professional software engineers for a development project might be a nightmare. Not only must you find people who have the necessary expertise, but you’ll also have to provide great working conditions so your in-house developers stay with you at least until a software product is released. Not to mention the difficulties associated with the integration of a new team member in an ongoing project if someone you’ve hired decides to change their career path and leave your company.

Hence, the absence of hiring stress is one of the main reasons why companies outsource. If you choose a reliable development company for outsourcing IT services, you can be sure that there are always highly experienced programmers to ensure that your project progress goes flawlessly.

5.Lower Risks

Another great advantage of outsourcing IT company is the lower risks compared to other alternatives. Freelancers are considered not very reliable in terms of the declared level of expertise and meeting deadlines, while the competency of an internal team is usually limited to a number of pretty much routine tasks they perform most often.

At the same time, if you decide to outsource information technology services, the risks are mitigated. First of all, IT outsourcing companies comprise professionals specializing in different technologies, so the team working on your project is able to see the bigger picture and address most issues at an early stage. Second but not less important - they know how to establish efficient workflow within the development project, so there are as fewer delays as possible and the process goes seamlessly.


Allocating part of your business overseas also gives you the opportunity to plant your company more securely within today’s increasingly global markets. Having teams, located in different time zones, allowing you to operate close to 24 hours a day.


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