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Case study:The successful project of Relevant Mobile, a company that outsourced the software development from Moxelle

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Relevant Mobile, a reputable software development company from the USA, partnered with Moxelle to outsource their software development for the creation of a software platform that integrated POS, loyalty points, and rewards through their mobile apps for iOS and Android. The partnership proved to be successful, and the collaboration allowed for a seamless and efficient project delivery.

Moxelle's development team worked closely with Relevant Mobile to understand their business objectives, target audience, and vision for the platform. Using agile methodologies, they provided regular progress reports and updates to Relevant Mobile, ensuring that the project remained on track and within the budget. The final product exceeded Relevant Mobile's expectations, with a user-friendly interface that made it easy for customers to earn and redeem loyalty points and rewards, and a seamless POS integration.

After a couple of years of consistent growth and success, Relevant Mobile was acquired by a larger corporation. The acquisition was a testament to the success of the platform and the innovative solutions that Relevant Mobile with the help of Moxelle was able to provide. The collaboration between the two companies helped Relevant Mobile to establish itself as a leader in the industry for building loyalty and POS mobile app solutions and provided a solid foundation for the company's growth and expansion.

In conclusion, Relevant Mobile's decision to outsource the software development from Moxelle proved to be a wise investment, resulting in a successful project delivery that positioned the company for continued growth and success. The acquisition by a larger corporation was a confirmation of the successful collaboration that Relevant Mobile and Moxelle put together. This case study highlights the importance of finding a reputable outsourcing partner and utilizing agile methodologies to achieve business objectives and goals.