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A day of software testing with Marko Stefanovski

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The main goal of the Quality Assurance department is to help create a quality product. Quality is achievable, but it is a never-ending process. Efficient communication and teamwork lead to more effective testing, which results in delivering higher-quality products.

Most of the days a software tester starts with reading emails, scrum meetings, and project updates. After the communication part of the workday, software testers plan their testing activities ahead. As a software tester, you’re responsible for planning future test and QA projects. Specifically, the test plan may include test goals, features to be or not tested, what test approaches to be used, what test levels are needed, exit criteria.

The main part of a typical tester’s day is spent on creating or updating test cases. If to go deeper, these tasks are consist of conducting manual testing and analyzing whether some tasks can be automated. The technique of manual testing is a process where software testers manually operate test cases. Sometimes it is best to use emulators & simulators, but sometimes testing on real devices can yield better results. For that purpose, we are using real mobile devices, online simulators, and emulators like Smart Dust, Browser Stack, and Cross-browser testing. In order to save time, effort, and more important the accuracy of the testing process some parts of the testing process can be automated. I am using Appium for automation testing, mostly for functional and regression types of testing. For API testing I am using Postman tool.


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