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A day of programming with Kristijan Stojanoski (Android developer)

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My day usually starts with a cup of tea, after which I go for a 15 min run. After the run, I grab a quick breakfast and get ready for the day. When I start with work, I prefer to have another monitor aside from the main display on my laptop. The second monitor is helpful when it comes to organizing my desktop with the programs I use, especially the IDE. I’m more efficient when I look at the code all the time without minimizing it when I have to look at something else.

When It comes to the IDE, as an Android Developer, I use Android Studio. One of the reasons I chose this IDE is because of Faster Coding. It has an excellent and efficient code editor that helps you with coding. Another reason is that it has a drag and drop layout editor, which makes building a UI so much easier. Also, Android Studio lets you emulate a variety of devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables that work great.

Together with the Android Studio, I use other open-source tools and platforms that help me with my work. When I get stuck on a problem before asking my colleagues for advice, I use Stack Overflow, one of my favorite websites (and probably every developer’s), to find the solution to the problem.

When it comes to choosing what tools to use, my opinion is to look at all the different options, decide what best suits you, and go with it.


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