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A day of programming with Antonio Karanfiloski (Android developer)

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My day begins with a big cup of freshly brewed coffee. After the daily “gossip” with my teammates, and sharing the latest news in the IT industry I am moving to the normal routine of working on projects. As a developer, in order to efficiently perform my job, I am using all kinds of different tools. I would divide these tools into a couple of different groups:

  • IDE
  • Open-Source tools
  • Tools for debugging and code testing 
  • Tools for software analysis and security

These tools are helping me to develop modern and secure software that follows the latest trends in the “Android world”, which I, as an Android developer, have to keep track of. The Android studio, an IntelliJ based tool, that I regularly use as a development environment, offers a:

  •  flexible system for automatic compiling and code execution;
  •  NDK and C++ support; 
  •  Lint tools for application’s performance improving;

 and a whole list of additional functionalities for fast and effective software development.

Apart from Android studio, as my main tool for software development, I also use platforms for storing and managing the code, as well as platforms for organizing the daily tasks. These everyday tools I use normally can vary depending on the project’s and the client’s requests. Frequently, while working on projects, I’m using specific tools for more effective UI/UX design; establishing architectures and code structuring; creating and maintaining databases; and tools for facilitated communication with backend systems and services.

Finally, a piece of advice for the newly birds in the development world - Use whatever tools you enjoy the most (unless specifically requested otherwise by the client), but make sure that these tools are Stable, Secure, and Simple to use.  


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